When you need your roof replacement?

Aluminium roof

Roof is on top of house and is the last part of the house that people starting to take care of it. Since it is too high to see and hard to do an frequently maintenance.

However, it plays a most important role in the house to keep everyone safe and especially in rain seasons. So everyone won’t think about to get roof replacement until it starts leaking.

4 most common signs you need a roof replacement

1. You have an old roof.

The average asphalt shingle roof lasts about 12 to 15 years. Tiles roof have longer lifetime. Standing seam & Metal tend to have a longest one which may up to 100 years. If your roof is nearing its typical replacement age, you should probably start thinking about your next roof.

If previous roof repairs were installed over the top of your existing roof — a practice known as overlaying —  you should definitely think about a roof replacement. Overlaying is a quick fix that can hide bigger roofing issues beneath the shingle surface.

Standing seam roofing is the most popular way of covering a roof in copper ,zinc ,aluminium or colorsteel and has been used for over a century. The fine lines of the standing seams give the system its light, attractive appearance and contribute to its flexibility. 

Want to know more about standing seam roof?

2. Curling or missing shingles are visible.

Your roof is exposed to elements like rain, snow, and sun, causing the components to wear down over time. This long-term beating from Mother Nature can result in broken, missing, buckling or curling shingles. Any missing parts of your roof makes your home vulnerable to the elements.

3. Discolored ceilings and walls and sign of water dropping down.

Have you noticed mysterious water stains on your ceilings, walls, or the exterior of your home? Do you hear a mysterious dripping sound coming from your ceiling? You may have a leak in your roof.

Walking on your roof is dangerous and not recommended! If you have ascended to the top of your home (again, not recommended) and found soft sections in your roofing, your roof likely has water damage and needs to be replaced.

4. You have unwanted animal occupants in your home.

Roof replacement

Has a family of squirrels taken up residence in your house? It’s doubtful you let them in the front door, so it’s likely you have a missing or rotting section in the eaves or a hole in another part of your roof. Animals like possums, raccoons, birds, and bats will look for any opportunity to nest in the comfort of your warm home and will take advantage of damage to your roof. Hire a professional roofing company to inspect your roof to determine whether repairs or a total replacement are required.

Need a new metal or standing seam roof replacement?

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