At IG Roofing. we offer custom-designed external and internal gutter systems to fit perfectly with your new roof. Along with gutters, we can also create custom-made external gutter brackets and rainwater heads to ensure that the entire system is effective and well-made. Get started today!


Why are Gutter Systems Important?

Gutters collect rainwater that falls onto your roof and redirects it to appropriate areas outside your home so it doesn’t create issues such as flooding or waterlogging your home’s foundation. Gutters also help prevent water damage to your roof and siding and the unpleasant die effects of this, such as mould, mildew, and rot.

Which Type Of Guttering Should I Choose?

As well as protecting your home and roof, guttering can add a decorative element to a building. Gutter systems come in different shapes and materials to complement the look of your home. For example, half-round gutters are more suitable for older homes, while K-style gutters featuring rectangular downpipes are better for modern homes. While gutters are commonly made from plastic, they can also be made from metals, such as copper, for a striking and luxurious look.


If you want to install custom guttering, talk to IG Roofing today. IG Roofing is based on the North Shore, Auckland. We specialise in standing seam roofing and custom gutters and offer complete roofing solutions. Whether it’s for a new build, a new roof for an old house, or smaller roof repairs, we have you covered. With 30 years of industry experience, we have successfully installed metal roofs & cladding throughout Europe and New Zealand. We pride ourselves on the care and attention we give each project, ensuring work is always finished efficiently and to a high standard. Ring us at 021 075 4309 or 022 184 1644 or email us at