Aluminium roofing opens up a wide range of possibilities in design potential.

The versatility of aluminium as a roofing material compliments a variety of architectural styles, from traditional to contemporary. Aluminium is a malleable material that can easily be shaped into various shapes and sizes. Because of this, it is the perfect material for architecturally designed homes that may have uncommon or unique roof shapes.


The Benefits of Aluminium

Despite being strong, aluminium is less dense than other roofing materials, making it the perfect choice for roofing and cladding projects when weight is critical. This also makes it easier to handle and install which can save you time, money, and energy.

Its strength and high-quality resistance to harsh weather conditions are what make aluminium so great as a roofing material. Aluminium forms a thin transparent oxide film that protects surfaces exposed to the atmosphere and creates a good resistance to corrosion and oxidisation.

Aluminium is a non-ferrous material which means it won’t rust, even when exposed to humidity and constant rain. This makes it the perfect metal roof for the New Zealand climate and coastal properties.



At IG Roofing, we understand the climate and know what works in our harsh conditions and the impact that has on our buildings. Architects know they can count on us to bring their design visions to life while also giving their buildings the protection they need from weather and other environmental variables. If you need competent, on-time roofers in Auckland for your commercial or residential property, get in touch! Our friendly and knowledgeable team guarantees a fast and efficient roofing service.

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