What is Standing Seam Roof?

Standing seam roof is the most popular way of covering a roof in copper ,zinc ,aluminium or colorsteel and has been used for over a century. The fine lines of the standing seams give the system its light, attractive appearance and contribute to its flexibility. 

Standing seam roofing is suitable for: 

  • Roof pitches between 3° and 90° (including as vertical cladding),
  • Barrel vaulted roofs,
  • Conical and domed roofs.

The roofing can be installed over a ventilated or non-ventilated roof construction allowing you to choose the best solution for the characteristics of your project. Fixings are hidden and indirect. The standing seam roofing needs a continuous support behind it and normally uses 18mm plywood H3.2 treated. The covering is then able to withstand a certain amount of foot traffic.

Standing seam roofs are very easy to maintain and they can be applied to any building from residential buildings through to office blocks and factories.


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