Why Choose a Copper Roof?

Copper roofs perform well because of the protective patina formed on the surface. Copper roofing is extremely durable and, if properly cared for, can last upwards of 50 years. Its low thermal expansion helps prevent deterioration and failure.

Copper is resistant to the elements and thereby less likely to be affected by rainfall, hail, and mildew than other types of roofing. It is also resistant to corrosion, and no maintenance is required. This greatly reduces any ongoing costs.

A properly designed and installed copper roof provides an economical, long-term roofing solution. Unlike many other metal roofing materials, copper requires no painting or finishing. The warm bronze tonnes of copper roofing will eventually give way to the elegant green patina finish through the natural weathering process.

This natural and prestigious material is one of the most sustainable roof coverings. Metal reflects heat rather than absorbs it, so copper roofing makes it easier to control the costs associated with heating and cooling your property. Once no longer needed, copper from the roof, flashing, gutters, and other trim can be reclaimed and recycled. There is an extremely high demand for recycled copper.


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