Standing Seam Metal Roofs – Why Choose It For Your Home? 

Standing seam metal roofs were often seen on commercial buildings, but now they’re popular on homes as well. There are many reasons why they are becoming a popular residential roofing choice.

📌1. Highly protect your hours from moisture
Standing-seam panels extend vertically, from the roof ridges to the edges, and are interconnected with raised, overlapping seams or legs raised above flat surfaces. These legs are interlocked in various configurations. They are concealed and protected from penetration by moisture, wind and other harsh elements.

📌📌2. Low-maintenance
Standing seam metal roofs are low-maintenance, long-lasting, fire-resistant and cost-effective.

📌📌📌3. Environment Friendly
Metal is one of the most environmentally friendly roofing materials. You can recycle this material over and over again.

📌📌📌📌4. Last-longer
Steel and aluminum are the most common materials used for standing metal roofs. They are ideal for coastal areas. Aluminum is unlikely to rust or corrode in these places. Another metal option, copper and zinc can last for centuries.

Metal roofs can resist corrosion and last almost indefinitely when properly coated with zinc-aluminum alloy. High-reflective paints, applied during manufacturing, reflect sunlight and reduce heat transmission into your interior spaces. Heat reflective coatings reflect radiant heat away in the summer, reducing the air conditioning use inside your home.

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