Impressive Standing Steam Wall Cladding at Auckland, New Zealand

Impressive Standing Steam Wall Cladding at Auckland, New Zealand

With incredible flexibility and versatility, Standing Seam wall cladding allows for creative design and architecture. It’s really all about those clean, simple but bold lines when it comes to contemporary homes.

We see designers using a clever array of mixed materials with creative combinations including cladding, wood steel and stone to give a depth and contrast to the home. A mix of interesting textures will also create the look of architecturally designed instead of mass-produced and a home that feels unique.

Along with the roof installation, the cladding install was completed by our skilled roofing techinician. The metal flashing and Interlocking panels were manufactured by our team as well.

The importance of roof flashing cannot be overstated. It is vital to the health of the roof and something we take quite seriously. 

Standing Steam Wall Cladding Company in Auckland

IG Roofing Architectural specializes in manufacturing a range of cladding profiles and custom made flashings in various materials including copper, zinc, aluminium as well as stainless steel.

We can tailor to specific project requirements and provide a pick up service in our workshop based at North shore, Auckland.  We also deliver to anywhere throughout New Zealand.

Need help with your next cladding or custom made flashing project?

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